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March 30, 2021
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(BPRW) "Sistas Who Succeed" Webinar a Hit!

(Black PR Wire) MIAMI, Fla. – Women’s History Month is the ideal time to focus on women who not only lead, but who succeed. A dynamic panel of Sistas Who Succeed recently joined Black PR Wire, Inc. and Women Grow Strong, Inc. for a webinar in honor of this special month. The webinar, appropriately entitled Sistas Who Succeed, was held on Wednesday, March 24, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live.  The engaging event was free and open to the public and was heavily promoted by Black PR Wire, Inc., and its radio station partner, WAMR-DB The Woman Station

“Black PR Wire was delighted and excited to present the success stories of these outstanding sistas who succeed,” says Bernadette Morris, president/CEO of Black PR Wire, Inc. and Women Grow Strong, Inc.  “Our participants truly learned from our panel’s best practices and success stories on building a successful business; overcoming obstacles and striving to empower and inspire.”

Highlights of the Webinar included Opening Comments from Bernadette Morris, who provided  an overview of Black PR Wire and its commitment to distributing the news that the media can use.  Alexis Jones, Newsroom Manager for Black PR Wire gave an enlightening Welcome Message and introduced the program host, Simone Cook, corporate consultant in social media and community engagement events. Cook built up the hype for what was in store, thanked the panelists for participating and gave a brief introduction of the dynamic line-up of speakers. The sistas who participated were at the top of their A-game and were eager to share how they got their claim to fame. Each speaker gave an overview of their respective companies, shared their success stories and dropped nuggets of wisdom with perfect lyricism.

Let’s recap why these women are Sistas Who Succeed. Read on to learn all that they have achieved:

Christina Romelus - City Commissioner of Boynton Beach and Founder, PolitiCALM - A noted Politician, founder, activist and mother, Christina Romelus is one of the youngest elected officials to become City Commissioner, District 3. She is also the founder of PolitCALM, an organization created to coach elected officials how to better serve their communities. Armed with a creative motto – Keep Calm, It’s Just Politics, PolitiCALM’s mission is to support and improve the lives of individuals entering and engaging in public service. Key services provided by the organization include the following: Courses on The Future Method – training for political candidates; Coaching Services – campaign coaching, elected official coaching and government leadership coaching; and Counseling Services which are provided to public servants. Commissioner Romelus shared that the goal of the counseling services is to provide better access to mental health professionals to support law enforcement agencies.  A native of Haiti, Commissioner Romelus is committed to changing the positions of leadership through PolitiCALM and is glad to be in a country of opportunity and diversity. Her nugget of wisdom was to be a part of the change and to take a seat at the table when you see injustices happening.  She also encouraged the webinar participants to register for PolitiCALM’s Future Method MasterClass training which is non-partisan and is custom designed for those seeking appointments to or running for public office. For more information and to register, visit

Martine Charles - Co-Founder, ÀṢẸ Beauty (pronounced AH SHAY) - Martine Charles is the dynamic Co-Founder of ÀṢẸ Beauty, a collection of high-performing, clean beauty products, especially for women of color.  A beauty connoisseur, Charles has blazed an entrepreneurial trail to success. She is committed to helping women challenge the perceptions of beauty and embrace self-care and wellness. The mission of ÀṢẸ Beauty is to offer customers clean, luxurious beauty products that enhance their look without compromising their well being or the well-being of their community.  Charles shared that she started ÀṢẸ Beauty as a way to educate women about clean beauty products. She said that there are a lot of people who don’t know that beauty products are toxic (i.e., body lotions, lipsticks, hair relaxers, etc.). She furthered explained that black women suffer from more diseases due to using products with toxins. She emphasized that she believes beauty should not come at a cost and that ÀṢẸ Beauty’s products contain less harmful ingredients. Her nuggets of wisdom? Charles encouraged webinar participants to take a look at the products they are using and to make a concerted effort to use clean products to be health proactive.  As a special bonus, Charles agreed to give the webinar participants a discount on ÀṢẸ Beauty products through Black PR Wire.  For more information on ÀṢẸ Beauty, visit

Esé Ighedosa – President, House of Athlete - Esé Ighedosa, Esq. is a force to be reckoned with. She is the President of House of Athlete, a recently launched lifestyle wellness brand, overseeing an exciting portfolio of businesses including House of Athlete Apparel, House of Athlete Supplements, House of Athlete Fitness Facilities, and the House3 Studio production company.  An athlete herself, Ighedosa played D-1 volleyball at Hampton University and spent seven seasons in the NFL (NFL Films, NFL League Office, Carolina Panthers). She is extremely influential in the company’s media arm where she produces the popular podcast, I Am Athlete. House of Athlete has offices in South Florida and Chicago and is making plans to expand. Ighedosa shared that the philosophy of House of Athlete centers around four elements: (1) Train – the company encourages people to exercise and commit to get fit; (2) Fuel – the company wants people to evaluate what they are putting into their body and to consider House of Athlete’s nutritional supplements; (3) Mental Fitness and Recovery - House of Athlete now offers mental fitness classes on Wednesdays because Ighedosa believes it is important to exercise the health of your mind, as well as your body; and (4) Tribe – House of Athlete encourages people to know who is in their tribe – who is on your team, board of directors, etc. and ask yourself if they are a good fit. Ighedosa said the goal is to examine your team and know when you have to remix your tribe.  Ighedosa shared the quote that she lives by with the webinar participants – one that she coined herself: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. Use your imagination, Sis.” Other nuggets of wisdom dropped by Ighedosa was to not be deterred if people don’t believe in your vision and to keep dreaming big even as you achieve your dreams. Ighedosa wrapped it up by encouraging people to check out the I Am Athlete Podcast on YouTube and Instagram, as well as the dope athleisure wear from House of Athlete. For more information on House of Athlete, visit

Dr. Sheila Robinson – Founder, Publisher & CEO, Diversity Woman Media - Dr. Sheila Robinson is a celebrated publisher, author on leadership, inspiring speaker and talent innovation specialist. Her company, Diversity Woman Media, is recognized nationally as a leading multiplatform enterprise with program offerings that advances all dimensions of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Robinson is a former Marketing Director with the textiles division of global chemical giant DuPont, where she traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad tracking apparel trends displayed at industry events.  Dr. Robinson explained that her company helps women advance in their career. She tries to help women avoid the pitfalls that she have had in corporate America. Her goal is to dispel the myth that woman can’t have it all – a career and a personal life. She wants to teach others how to turn adversity into opportunity, as she has had to overcome a lot of barriers to get where she is today. Dr. Robinson’s definition of success is to be healthy and happy. She encouraged all webinar participants to define what success means to them. She said that it should not be a physical thing, but a spiritual thing.  Her nuggets of wisdom to webinar participants were to develop a one year, three year and five year plan to help become extremely productive –that’s how she started her business, got her home and achieved her dreams. She ended with this inspirational message: “Think big, dream big and the results will be big.”

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Women Grow Strong, Inc., (also known as WINGS for Women in Need Growing Strong), is a not-for-profit support group that serves to help develop, build and sustain women’s contributions, purpose and goals in society. It provides educational training, counseling and business development initiatives for young adults and adults. Other topics ranging from health and fitness to fashion and etiquette are also provided.  WINGS workshops, conferences and symposiums serve to help empower women through topics such as “Fit for a Queen – Tools for Victorious Living for the Mind, Body and Soul” and “Total Woman Puzzle” – A fun and exciting tool that showcases key “jewels for the journey” of life.

WAMR-DB THE WOMAN STATION is a digitally syndicated radio station located in Atlanta, GA. WAMR has a 12+ year history as an urban content creator in media broadcasting, publishing, commercials, and advertising for women groups.

The “Sistas Who Succeed” Webinar video will be posted on Facebook and YouTube. For more information on Black PR Wire, call 877-BLACKPR and visit


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