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September 30, 2020
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(BPRW) The Importance of Voting This November

(Black PR Wire) This upcoming election is one of the most important elections in history. Don’t forget to go to the voting polls November 3rd to cast your ballot.

Not only has President Donald Trump made his stance clear on immigration and the Black Lives Matter Movement,  his policies have been just as harmful as his Twitter rants. President Trump implemented policies that have actively hurt the black community, such as being disproportionately left out from Trump’s tax cuts, rolling back Obama-era guidance on school discipline created to protect black students from severe punishment and much more, according to

In addition to actively hurting the black community through policy change, he has not  kept his promises for the platform he ran on. Trump has only delivered on 17% (Tobias, 2020) of the promises he had made on his campaign trail. For those considering voting for Trump once more, the likelihood of him keeping campaign promises are low.

The detrimental mishandling and lying surrounding COVID-19 during this administration has cost the lives of over 188,470 Americans says the CDC. Black American mortality rates are twice as high as the rate for white Americans.

On November 3rd vote like your life depends on it, because it just may.

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