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May 17, 2019
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(BPRW) The WFLA Announces 1st Draft - The Professional 'Women's Football League Association'

(Black PR Wire) PALMDALE, Calif.,  -- Since announcing in March, SHE will bring to the nation its' first successful Women's Football League Association, global interests has soared. Female college football players to rugby Olympians have reached out to the professional organization with the number one question being "when is the first draft?" Undoubtedly, a solid indication football fans are ready for the WFLA.

 The WFLA consist of 32 Teams, 2 Divisions, an Eastern and Western Conference. The teams are scheduled to play 258 games, where each team will play 18 Games in an 18 week period. Four& Wild Card playoff games,& four& Divisional Round games, two Conference Championship games and one Super Bowl. The WFLA Prides itself with the launch of the Organization with its successful recruit efforts. Additionally as the sale of Franchises soar, WHO'S GOT NEXT? Franchise Teams Still Available

In response, the organization has added 8 additional teams to meet demand in those areas, and to offer additional opportunities bringing the total to 32 professional franchises. The WFLA makes clear that this new professional women's league is about more than just female football. The league and its' programs are about empowering young women with new opportunities and instilling them with the confidence and leadership skills necessary to advance their lives and to achieve career levels previously unattainable by women. The WFLA "strives to foster early and lasting interest in the game, instilling respect for the game's foundational values, including teamwork, commitment and leadership. Football can be a catalyst for greater personal development at every level of play"1.

CEO, Lupe Rose says, "Players will want to prepare now to be eligible to participate during this first round of drafts for 2020. We are looking forward to working with and developing talented females in this sport as we put to rest once and for all the notion there would never be a successful professional women's football league."

If you've been following along these last two months, you might ask, how will all these variables be achieved? Well, the WFLA is in the process of meeting with city officials across the U.S. to develop its arenas in their cities. Not only will these arenas offer additional financial growth but will also create as many as 500 jobs in each community and bring over 16,000 new jobs throughout the United States.

Benefits include a residual income from the following to each Franchise Owner:

- Ticket sales

- Concessions

- Merchandise

- Gate receipts

- Licensing revenue

- Dedicated financial partners


And if that wasn't enough, the WFLA executives have also met with game developers for its first ever release of women's football on any video gaming platform. The video gaming licensing offers additional financial benefits to individual franchises, athletes, as well as the WFLA organization.

All of these provide franchises an absolute way to monetize and bring value to their teams, pay professional athletes and generate long revenue streams. The WFLA is doing everything right to achieve what critics have said are unattainable goals. With all that said, there are still a few teams left. So, WHO GOT NEXT?

Note: The WFLA will be conducting its first professional draft August 31, 2019 at the Las Vegas MGM Grand. Additionally, the professional organization announces franchise sales. Please contact Ritzy Mullings at or Lupe Rose to inquire.


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