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June 01, 2021
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JD Houston

(BPRW) Tulsa Real Estate Fund Begins Phase II Development of the Legacy Center.

(Black PR Wire) ATLANTA -- Atlanta based, Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF), the first Black owned Regulation A+ Tier II Impact Fund designed to resurrect and expand Black Wall Street announced today the beginning of its Phase II Development at the Legacy Center campus in East Point, GA.

“We chose today to make this announcement about our Phase II development as it is the 3rd Anniversary of the launch of Tulsa Real Estate Fund and the Centennial Anniversary of the Black Wall Street race massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” said Jay Morrison, the Founder and CEO of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund. “From the embers burning off the buildings that made up the original Black Wall Street- we draw strength and resolve to resurrect the Black commerce that made the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma a nurturing center for abundant Black life.”   

The Legacy Campus which consists of 350,000 sq ft of functional space, two acres situated five minutes from Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International airport is the only building in the qualified opportunity zone of East Point, Georgia that is community owned by 14,240 individuals! This community ownership was made possible through the Tulsa Real Estate Fund and the men and women who reached into their purse and wallets to practice group economics to acquire property that would be owned by the people and used for the people.

The Legacy Center’s mission is to enhance the individual lives and circle commerce in our community by providing affordable access to capital, real estate curriculum, financial literacy programs and coaching, career resources, premium co-working facilities, art & studio space, back-office essentials, a business incubator, and much more!

What’s more, since its Grand Opening on January 8, 2020, the Legacy Center has launched several impactful community initiatives such as its highly respected Big Brothers Anonymous Mentorship program for boys and men of color, ages 12-24, which has recently partnered with the Obama Foundation and the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance to increase outreach and impact.

In addition to the signature resources and programs offered, with the Legacy Center’s award-winning interior design, the venue is fast becoming a go-to destination for events, corporate meetings, weddings, and other private outings where and when the organizer wants their themed event to be enriched and steeped in the Black History that embraces every aspect of the Legacy Center.

In fact, several notable celebrities, politicians, and conscious influencers have used the Legacy Center to host events, conduct tours, shot commercials, and/or completed media projects at the Legacy Center; namely, Grammy nominee Quavo from the “The Migos”, Kerri Hilson, NFL Pro Bowler Dammarius Thomas, political powerhouse Stacey Abrams, Until Freedom Founders Tamika Mallory, Mysonne, Linda Srors, comedians and “Wild’n TV Personalities  DC Young Fly, B. Simmone, Jackie Oh, Emmanuel Hudson and others.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund

Tulsa Real Estate Fund, is a real estate crowdfund qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to collectively invest and own real estate projects that yield a reasonable rate of return.

Tulsa Real Estate Fund is the first, Black owned, SEC qualified, Tier II crowdfund, and economic vehicle inspired by the historic Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Okla. 

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