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April 01, 2020
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(BPRW) Sistas Who Succeed Webinar a Hit!

(Black PR Wire) MIAMI, Fla. – From learning about the four C’s to the art of wearing hats, key jewels for the journey were shared to the online participants of the Sistas Who succeed webinar, a special Women’s History Month presentation by Black PR Wore and Women Grow Strong.

“We were treated to an engagement filled with delightful business tips for success, said Bernadette Morris, president/CEO of Black PR Wire and Women Grow Strong, Inc., and moderator for the event. “Our dynamic panel of women leaders, joined in a candid conversation about their best practices and success stories on building a successful business; overcoming obstacles and striving to empower and inspire. The information that participants obtained was both invaluable and insightful.”

 Here are some key takeaways from each of the panelists:

 Cheryl Procter-Rogers, APR, Fellow, PCC, MBA, MA, Senior Consultant and Certified Master Coach for A Step Ahead PR Consulting and Coaching

Procter-Rogers talked about the 4 C’s for a soft landing: (1) Your Cabinet must build on your foundation. She shared that she had two mentors for most of her career and that they supported her resiliency; (2) You must focus on your Capabilities and invest in them on purpose, as learning never ends. She suggested personally scheduling time to read an article and finding time to refresh your skills (i.e., she invested in the time that it took to earn a second MBA which was vital for her soft landing; (3) You must focus on your Career and ask yourself “what is your personal vision and what are your values?” She advised that having a plan ensures a soft landing; without a career plan, you may find yourself unfulfilled; and (4) You should consider Community. Defining what community means to each individual may be different – i.e., getting involved in church activities; joining women’s organizations, etc.  Focusing on community gives you an opportunity to learn new ways of doing things. Procter-Rogers also talked about the importance of defining leadership, raising your emotional intelligence and having a high emotional intelligence quotient (E-IQ), stepping into your own light, and having a positive attitude. Cheryl Procter-Rogers is definitely a Sista who succeeds.  She proved that determining how strong and resilient you can become will help you lead.

Aisha Becker-Burrowes, Manager, PR and Strategic Communications, Essence Communications, Inc.

Becker-Burrowes talked about her five greatest lessons for professional success.  (1) She would be nothing without black women. Throughout her career, she shared that black women looked over her resume and were largely responsible for her success; (2) Her voice is her greatest asset. She informed participants that she has always had a lot to say and has now been given the platform to use her voice; (3) There is tremendous power in being different. She suggested that people take pride in their differences and use them as a tool to advance in life; (4) Never stop learning – consider every opportunity an opportunity to learn.  She shared that she realized that she was capable of anything when she was able to earn her degree while juggling a 9 to 5 job. She suggested that everyone take professional development courses to learn at every opportunity – whether big or small; and (5) Stay guided by your inner-most truth and step out on faith. She shared that her single mantra is “Follow your spirit, stay in pursuit of your passion and the rest will fall into place.” Aisha Becker-Burrowes is another Sista who succeeds. Her lessons for professional success are inspiring and motivational and to which everyone should take heed.

Dr. ML Taylor, Author, Speaker, & Purpose Pusher

Dr. Taylor talked about how to manage many roles. She advised that throughout life, we will be told how to act in various roles - as a wife, mother, business leader, etc.  She shared that her parents taught her to develop strong values and she has decided to be her authentic self.  Dr. Taylor went on to say that she wears many hats – as a mother, wife, business leader, ministry leader, author, speaker and purpose pusher. She advised that the many hats she wears are not only different, but play different roles.  She suggested that people remember to take time out for themselves – whether it is via meditation (what works for her) or watching a favorite television show.  She credits her success to being able to wear many hats and having the ability to understand that what she does is not what she is. Dr. ML Taylor is definitely a Sista who succeeds.  She taught us how to wear many hats and still continue to do good deeds.

Dr. Cheryl L. Holder, Associate Professor, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Dr. Holder shared the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, which were authored by Stephen Covey.  (1) Have at least one adult that believes in you. She said that this person will give you support when needed; (2) Learn, learn, and learn. Dr. Holder shared that there are so many resources available that lay out what you need to do in order to succeed; taking advantage of these resources and believing in lifelong learning is critical; (3) Have self-discipline. Stay focused on what you truly want and have the internal discipline to make it happen; (4) Have a purpose in life – whether that purpose is to become a doctor, or making sure that people understand that climate change is real (a personal mission of hers) or even if it’s to have the best retirement; (5) Understand that policy matters. She shared that policies such as the Civil Rights Act, Economic Opportunity Act of 1965, Title IX, the National Health Service Corps, and the National Medical Association all went into place and allowed her to move up the ladder; (6) Lead with courage. Dr. Holder shared a quote by Jeff Thompson, MD – “To lead with courage is to lead with the heart”; and (7) Have faith.  She wished all participants a happy National Doctor’s Day and shared that despite all of the work and activities we are involved in, we all must work to keep each other healthy. She said that when we combine purpose, mission and values with faith, we can do it together.  Dr. Cheryl L. Holder is a Sista who succeeds. Her invaluable advice is just what we crave during this time of need.

The Webinar concluded with a Q&A session. Bernadette Morris, Black PR Wire president/CEO offered webinar participants a 20% discount off all services through May. In addition, she announced the “Sistas Who Succeed” Mini-Grant and shared that the applications for potential grantees would be released soon.

The GoTo Meeting link for the presentation will be posted on the Black PR Wire website in the upcoming days.  For more information about BPRW or Women grow strong, contact Bernadette Morris at 1-877-Black PR.



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