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October 20, 2020
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(BPRW) Globally-Renowned Black Yoga and Meditation Expert, Althea Lawton-Thompson Launches New Meditation Certification Program for Black Instructors Teacher Training to Support Mental Health in The African-American Community

Teacher Training to Support Mental Health in The Black Community

(Black PR Wire) ATLANTA, GA - Althea Lawton-Thompson, owner of Aerobics, Yoga & More™ and founder of Living Life Limitlessly™ University, launched the online version of the Meditation Instructor Certification to equip professionals with realistic tools for supporting mental health for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. After noticing the lack of Black instructors leading classes and teacher training, Althea (a Black woman) designed the Meditation Instructor Certification to highlight a person of color conducting this type of training and to increase awareness of the diverse audiences benefitting from the healing of meditation.

“As a Black woman, I’m excited to create an opportunity for improved mental health and holistic wellness through supporting BIPOC instructors who represent the diversity of the communities in which we live,” said Lawton-Thompson. 

Lawton-Thompson is personally sponsoring more than $16,000 of 30 full and partial scholarships for individuals who desire the training but are in need of financial assistance. She is also hiring graduates of the program to teach for her corporate wellness company. 2019 graduates of the course are already working as paid contractors for Aerobics, Yoga & More™. 

“I created this training to share real-life meditation techniques and tools for practitioners, therapists, instructors, and coaches to use in corporate offices, schools, and medical facilities,” said Lawton-Thompson. She and her team of instructors have been providing corporate wellness in these environments since 1996. 

The Meditation Instructor Certification is a self-paced program of 8 online modules designed for study, practice, and completion anywhere, anytime. The training breaks down how to lead guided sessions, virtually or in-person, using the foundations of 15 traditional meditation practices. After completion, each participant will have a variety of holistic wellness tools to support mental health in all populations regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, or environment.

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Althea Lawton-Thompson is a respected Yoga and meditation expert with over 24 years of experience in holistic wellness. Through Living Life Limitlessly™ University, she has trained and certified hundreds of instructors in Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, and Meditation. Aerobics, Yoga & More™ has a team of instructors, doctors, and nurses providing health education to clients including PNC, Cigna, Publicis, Kaiser Permanente, and Emory. She has hosted 18 Living Life Limitlessly™ healing retreats in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and the US, ranking her #5 in the list of Top 6 Wellness Retreats. Her healing album, Guided Meditations with Althea, topped two of Amazon’s best sellers lists in 2019.

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