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April 22, 2021
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(BPRW) MIND BLOWING MAGAZINE Unapologetically In Their Own Lane

High Fashion, Transparency and God-Centered Content in one Magazine

(Black PR Wire) CHICAGO - Mind Blowing Magazine (MB Mag) is a digital faith-based lifestyle magazine for the modern woman. Its mission is to restore joy, share inspirational stories, and be a light to all readers through powerful testimonies. 

“Historically, the testimony has been a platform to share intimate stories,” said Stacy Sorrell Moore, editor-in-chief of MB Mag.With each personal revelation, the truth of God’s healing power and saving grace is spread. Within MB Mag, this oral tradition is transformed to the written word.” 

Stacy is the author of, Loved on Purpose, released in September 2019.  The book was also adapted into a stage play for local Chicago theatre. Along with being a content creator, creative writer and entrepreneur, she is also a wife and mother. “Above all else, it’s God, family, then business.” shared Sorrell Moore.

Each quarter readers will be inspired by the testimonies from Christian celebrities, gospel artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. MB Mag’s quarterly publication is first in its class to focus on God driven content with the intent to change lives all while delivering hi-fashion imagery. 

The first issue featured April Daniels, wife of the late Lashawn Daniels, Grammy-Award winning songwriter and executive. She shared her childhood, love and life with Lashawn, her loss and how the power of God has kept her through it all. The second issue featured the iconic, Deborah Cox. She encouraged readers with her perspective on purpose. The latest issue, to be released April 22, 2021 features Fantasia and Kendall Taylor. They talk about their marriage, perspective, submission, insecurity, and self-love. Readers will also get an exclusive announcement from Fantasia herself. MB Mag shares insights on finance, food, relationships, and health and wellness by faith-based and industry experts, and celebrities. There will be a special edition each year to honor men of God across all industries. The topic of social justice will also be discussed.  

What makes MB Mag different? The fashion, exclusives from featured guests, eye-catching imagery, and not just celebrities but also everyday people that readers will relate to. From the first to the last page, MB Mag is here to reflect the love of God and how He sees you. Perfect just as you are.  

To read the latest issue and previous issues online visit: Readers can extend their experience by becoming an MB Insider by subscribing to the newsletter. As an Insider, members will get a first look at behind-the-scenes video interviews, celebrity photo shoots and upcoming stories. For real-time information be sure to follow @TheMBMag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and The MB Mag on YouTube.      

Authentic storytelling and divine inspiration to live your life’s purpose – that’s MB.