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October 05, 2021
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(BPRW) My Son is Missing Too!

Sports Trafficking - Black Mothers Matter

(Black PR Wire) August was not  just a  horrible month  for  Gabby  Petito’s  family but  for  my  family  too.   As a Mother, I cannot fathom their pain and heartbreak that will be with them for years to come.   It was during this month  two years ago that my Son  was offered a full  scholarship  at a private school with dreams of playing professional basketball.  Every Mother’s dream is to experience their child thriving and pursing their passion.   Who would pass up a seemingly legitimate scholarship, intensive coaching/training, or just a willingness to offer a path to professional sports  for  their  child?     The decision was straightforward and the offer was  accepted.

There were no immediate red flags but within several months, the elation of receiving this scholarship turned to trepidation.  My son was selected for a reason; human trafficking for sports.    For families that look like me we suffer in silence because who is listening to our story?  My Son is still alive but, in my heart, he is missing.

Typically, Human traffickers use large sporting events to target victims  but the idea that a teenager would be trafficked for sports was new to me.  Children are being sports trafficked under the guise of a Scholarship. Unfortunately, sports trafficking is a common occurrence and becoming more prevalent but is  rarely reported.  

A simple day at a basketball game is no longer just an innocent game.   Children are being manipulated and preyed upon for their athletic abilities – almost the equivalent of modern-day slavery. The very place a parent and child should feel secure is no longer a safe space.

 I am telling part  of  my story for awareness and to warn other Parents.   Your child might not get abducted in a park but it can innocently happen at sports game.  If it happened to me in Texas then it is happening all over the country.   If you want to know more, please  contact me  at 214-930-0981 for more information.