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December 19, 2022
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As the leading distributor of salon products to Licensed Professionals in the hair industry, Cosmo Prof inks a “new standard” for textured hair by offering HYDRASILK® as its first-ever bond system curated by a Black woman.

(Black PR Wire) Nu Standard®, a state-of-the-art haircare brand curated for the Busy Queen on-the-go, will launch its new professional haircare treatment, HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System, in January 2023 exclusively with Cosmo Prof stores nationwide – the leading distributor of salon products to Licensed Professionals in the hair industry. The launch will mark the first-ever distribution of a bond system curated by a Black woman and specifically designed for textured hair, regardless of ethnicity.

Nu Standard® strategically partnered with licensed hairstylists to create safe and advanced products for professional use, with HYDRASILK® being one of the direct outcomes of this approach.

"Honestly D-I-Y was overrated for me...I needed performance over promises. Only an informed licensed hairstylist could help me realize my hair goals,” said Autumn Yarbrough, Founder of Nu Standard®. “I noticed there weren’t any bond system products made specifically for textured hair. The ones I used left my hair feeling weak, dry, and brittle which resulted in breakage. That’s when I knew we needed to get involved and include the stylist.”

The HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System is made up of the HYDRASILK® Bond Builder and the HYDRASILK® Silkner, which powerfully unite for a two-step reconstructive treatment for textured hair. The system provides intense moisture and strength to each strand – making the hair many times stronger than before, and decreasing shedding and breakage.

Nu Standard® enlisted the expertise of veteran chemist Tracy Ashley, who has over 30 years of cosmetic chemistry experience, along with legacy textured hair expert, product developer, and master educator Lenita Griffis-Browning who has over 40 years in the industry, to truly design innovative products for licensed professionals.

“Before joining Nu Standard®, I tried HYDRASILK®’s reconstructive treatment application multiple times over an eight month period with friends who had post-COVID trauma, or weak, dry or damaged hair - to see if the product did what it claimed to do - and the system worked exceptionally,” said Griffis-Browning, Nu Standard®’s Education Director. “I, the product snob, was impressed with the results!”  

The complete HYDRASILK® Hydrating Bond System, which includes the HYDRASILK® Bond Builder and the HYDRASILK® Silkner, will be available exclusively for professionals at Cosmo Prof stores nationwide beginning in January 2023, and will retail starting from $60.00. For more information on Nu Standard™ and HYDRASILK™, visit


About Nu Standard®

Nu Standard® | CBY Beauty Inc. is a Black-Owned, innovative marketing and manufacturing company delivering an easier and better haircare journey through wellness and health. Hailing from a three-generation legacy within the industry, Nu Standard® Founder Autumn Brown Yarbrough developed a cutting-edge, three-phase solution to help the busy woman on-the-go address her hair loss from unmanaged stress. The clinically tested system adopts a drug-free and self-care approach, making it simple for the Busy Queen on-the-go to Nourish + Treat + Care for her mind, body, and hair.