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October 26, 2018
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Joseph Ellick
Newsroom Editor & National News Correspondent

(BPRW) THRIVIN’ ONLINE with ‘THE VOICE’….. Jill Tracey

By Joe Ellick, Jr., National News Correspondent, BPRW and Host, Thrivin’ Online

Miami, FL-There is a saying that a woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. If that is the case then for over two decades the strongest woman in the world has to be the one and only Jill Tracey.  Jill Tracey is one of the most successful radio personalities to hit the airwaves today and Black PR Wire‘s Thrivin’ Online had the honor of catching up with her before her hit show. She talks about her grind to become the success she is today, and gives advice on the mind set to have to defy obstacles put in your way.


 There is always a start before a rise and the beginning of Jill Tracey’s mount was her taking the chance leaving her hometown of Detroit, Michigan and relocating to Miami. She didn’t know that would blossom into a successful career in various areas of entertainment. It started from writing, to radio, and television. Jill spent her early years as a South Beach gossip columnist. Her witty way with a pen and connects from her networking led to Jill’s first radio job as host of (then) Miami’s Beach’s first and only talk station WMBM. Success, drama, scandal, and faith led to Jill Tracey spending over a decade as one of radios most polarizing and out spoken host at both 99 Jamz (WEDR) and Hot105fm (WHQT). Her combination of entertaining content and joyful style have even helped her earn the title of South Florida’s favorite radio personality in 2004. Following a few changes Jill Tracey spent some time on reality TV, also a small stent with a blues station at Cal State Long Beach.


Because of her patience, growth, and due diligence, Jill shared that she was “blessed” to find her way back in Miami. She has found new ways to use her experiences to move her career forward. “Our country is about to move in a new and powerful direction, one we’ve never seen before. I want to be a voice in the discussion on how we make our mess our message, as it were, and be empowered by it.” Not only is she a voice, but she is one of the leading voices in the  community, keeping everyone aware and consciously open. Jill is a great, fun loving person that brings energy in the room as soon as she steps in and her voice is what makes her an example of someone who will continue to Thrive.

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