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October 15, 2021
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Nadine C. Duncan, EdD

(BPRW) Traveling Black Women Founder Urges Black Travel Influencers to Create More Opportunities for Their Own Friends & Family to Travel Internationally

Anyone can travel abroad and take amazing photos, the real flex is bringing your loved ones with you.

(Black PR Wire) ATLANTA, GA  -- The fear of travel among members of the Black community is deeply rooted. Historically, safety concerns coupled with a lack of representation created the narrative that Black Americans were excluded from leisure travel. As that narrative now shifts, Traveling Black Women Network founder Dr. Nadine C. Duncan is urging Black travel influencers to venture beyond the spoils of social media and curate tangible travel opportunities for the people closest to them. 


According to a study conducted by MMGY Global, Black travelers contributed nearly $130 billion to the travel industry in 2019. As travel slowly returns to pre-pandemic levels, Black travel influencers must take this opportunity to lead the planning process for their loved ones to experience the freedom of travel. The global presence of Black Americans has the potential to shift how the world views Black Americans as well as disrupt the limitations that have been imposed on Black Americans for generations. This is a time for a holistic shift in the Black experience and content creation alone can not move the needle. 


James Baldwin, who left the United States for the opportunity to view himself as more than a “Negro writer” once said, “The world changes according to the way people see it, and if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way a person looks at reality, then you can change it.” Black Travel Influencers must recognize that they hold this power in their hands. What is happening in the world of Black travel is deeper than likes, shares, and a sponsored post. It is the beginning of a complete paradigm shift in the Black community--an opportunity to heal, prioritize mental health, and see oneself beyond the collective struggle. The time to turn influence into action is now. 


About Traveling Black Women Network

The Traveling Black Women Network, founded in 2015, is a space for Black female travelers to exchange information about travel. The network is the product of the travel guide series Diary of a Traveling Black Women: A Guide to International Travel--a series of travel guides written for Black women, by Black women.