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October 24, 2023
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(BPRW) "Wellbeing is Success," Tackle the Silent Killer - Everyday Stress

Dr. Rosemond, Affectionately Known as "Rosie," Advocates "Wellbeing is Success"

(Black PR Wire) Dr. Rosemond, affectionately known as "Rosie," is not just an entrepreneur and scholar but a visionary who believes that "Wellbeing is Success." As the CEO of Rosie’s Library, LLC, she is dedicated to making wellbeing a priority, addressing the silent killer - everyday stress, and nurturing a holistic approach to success. Rosie's inspiring fitness journey began at a young age, a journey she shares in her book titled "Rosie Goes to College, A Set Up for Success." With over four decades of experience, Rosie has been sharing fitness and wellness wisdom with individuals of all ages through her engaging classes.

With a PhD in Educational Leadership and a Master's degree in Special Education, Rosie's expertise extends well beyond entrepreneurship. Her years spent in the classroom nurturing students have not only influenced her vision for student success but have also fueled her unwavering dedication to early literacy

Rosie's passion for the wellbeing of individuals is beautifully captured in her second children’s book, "Beloved Daughter: A Single Parent Success Story." This heartwarming story sheds light on the significance of family and community as the key to wellbeing in single-parent homes, addressing the silent stressors that often plague such households. Both of Rosie's books are available at

Amid the educational challenges brought on by the recent pandemic, Rosie firmly believes that dedication to literacy and wellbeing are essential keys to unlocking the potential for student success and overcoming the silent stress of unfinished learning.

"Rosie Goes to College: A Set Up for Success" In this story, readers are invited to join Rosie on an adventure through the bustling streets of New York City. Skipping school for a day, Rosie accompanies her father to Iconic University, where she meets professors, classmates, and staff. Rosie's campus visit sparks her imagination, encouraging her to contemplate her future. Hidden symbols of the State of New York are tucked away throughout her journey, challenging readers to explore and learn more about New York.

"Beloved Daughter: A Single Parent Success Story" Step aboard the "I Love to Learn School Bus" with Elle and her Dad in this heartwarming adventure. Elle, the beloved daughter, resides with her father and two brothers in Mississippi, a single-parent household full of hope, love, homework, good food, fun, and family. Discover how Elle's extensive family network contributes to her single-parent success story, and uncover hidden Mississippi state symbols along the way.

Rosie inspires individuals, educators, and communities to embrace the philosophy that "Wellbeing is Success." Be part of the movement to address everyday stress!

Rosie's Library, LLC, is a platform created by Dr. Michelle Rosemond to promote wellbeing and literacy as the foundation of success. Through her books and interactive events, Rosie inspires individuals, educators, and communities to embrace a holistic approach to achievement.